About the Youth Council

The Youth Council serves as a means for the voice of young people who live, work or go to school in the Borough of Oadby & Wigston. Making sure that they are heard in regards to community issues that affect them. Recently the Youth Council worked with Arriva to improve the bus services experienced by young people in the Borough and troubleshoot issues facing young bus users.

The Youth Council also plays an important role in ensuring that the youth clubs and services accessible by young people in the Borough are providing the best possible service available. This is undertaken by having the Youth Council involved in the commissioning stage for some projects and groups alongside having members trained as Young Inspectors and ‘Mystery Shoppers’; young people who regulary visit youth services in the Borough in order to provide an honest, and first-hand, experience of the service provided.

Special events within the Borough, such as the Supersonic Boom youth festival, are also planned with the direct involvement of the Youth Council in order to get a young person’s perspective on them and, crucially, keep them up to date with youth interests.

 The Oadby & Wigston Youth Council Promotional Video