Young Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

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If your nominee is not aware of this nomination you must give due consideration as to both the positive and negative impact that this may have upon them in that not everyone is comfortable or confident enough to accept such an award. You may therefore, in some cases, wish to speak to them about your nomination.

Nomination Criteria:

- Aged up to, and including, 20 years (or up to 25 years with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities),
- Must be under 21 at the time of nomination (or under 26 with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities),
- Has acted in a selfless manner for the benefit of the community,
- Be a good example to others,
- Must have strong ties to the Borough,
- Should not have received any County or National award for the service or activity which has prompted the current nomination,
- Must have and must maintain close ties with the Borough for the period of office, and
- A willingness to be an ambassador to young people.

Nominees will be judged against the following criteria:

- Service to family and/or the wider community,
- Personal qualities – e.g. success in adversity, achieving excellence,
- Resident in the Borough for the period of office, and
- If required, nominees must be able to provide evidence of their commitment to the nomination criteria.

Should your nominee win the award during their year of office the Young Citizen and their guest will be invited to various functions which will be funded by the Youth Council.

Please state in 200 - 400 words why you consider this young person should receive the award.